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    Claire Axelrad

    Here’s a question I received directly from Elizabeth: “What is an acceptable ratio for funding to program budget?  In other words, I have had funders say they don’t want to fund an amount that is more than half the program budget because they want to see that the program is sustainable and not heavily reliant on their grant funding.”

    I wish I could give a simple answer. There’s no one acceptable “ratio.”

    What funders want to see is your plan to make your program sustainable moving forward. Or your plan to fully fund the pilot with a diverse funding stream, and then, if it’s not a one-shot project (e.g., a research study or a capital improvement) to make it sustainable moving forward.

    This might be satisfied by showing the other funders to whom your proposal has also been submitted. Funders do talk to each other, and it’s not uncommon for them to make “deals” with each other: (e.g., “We’ll come in for $100,000 if you’ll come in for $50,000.”)

    What thoughts do others have?

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