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    Annual Reports: To publish or not to publish?

    Should you publish an annual report? If so, do you send by mail, digitally or both?

    In today’s digital world you may be wondering if printing and mailing an annual report to your supporters is appropriate, especially if your budget is tight (and whose isn’t)? I’ve offered some tips this month on your Subscriber Dashboard, but would love to hear more from you.

    Please share what’s working for you so we can all benefit.  Specific examples are great!  Here are some ideas to get you going, but please don’t be limited by them.

    • Do you still produce a printed annual report? If so, how long is it?
    • Who do you mail your printed report to?
    • Do you have both a printed and digital report?
    • Do you have a video annual report?
    • Do you list donor names?
    • Have you received any feedback, positive or negative, when you made changes to your format?
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