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    Claire Axelrad


    Please tell us a bit about yourself if you’re new, and what you’d like to discuss with your peers.

    • Where are you from?
    • Are you new to the field?  To your position? Are you a seasoned pro?
    • What keeps you up at night?
    • What keeps you going?

    Each month I’ll select a new topic for discussion, and I hope you’ll join in! I know Clairification subscribers have a wealth of experience and wisdom to share — and the best way to learn is from each other. We’re all on this journey together.

    Here’s a reminder of where we’re going on our pathway to passionate philanthropy:

    Clairification Principles

    • Passionate philanthropy is values based
    • Sustainable fundraising is relationship based
    • Effective resource development is culture based
    • Delivering meaning to donors is central to your mission
    • Outbound marketing misses the donor’s point
    • Inbound marketing finds the donor’s need and fills it
    • Development/marketing and fundraising/sales are synonymous
    • Relevant content is your gift to give
    • Facts inform, stories sell
    • Everyone is in sales/fundraising
    • Donor-centered fundraising is social

    This forum is your place to express your passions as you move along on your journey. Please take advantage!

    Thanks again for being part of the Clairification community.

    It truly means a lot!



    Hoping to see lot’s of lively discussions.


    Olivia Mayer

    Love your principles outlined above! Looking forward to a meaningful, successful 2017. As to your questions:
    Where are you from? Denver area
    Are you new to the field? Been in the field nearly 8 years professionally and an additional two as a volunteer.
    To your position? I have been at my organization, which is in the senior living and services field, 7 1/2 years and advanced from coordinator to Director, which I was named 1 1/2 years ago.
    What keeps you up at night? Feeling like I don’t have enough time to devote to my donors, and our 2 major events.(Trying to sunset at least one of these!)
    What keeps you going? Generous, faithful wonderful donors and working for an organization that lives its core values of love, compassion, respect, leadership, unity and integrity.


    Claire Axelrad

    Events can be killers, sucking the energy away from everything else. That being said, they do serve the purpose of new donor acquisition and major donor cultivation. Check out

    And welcome!

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