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What Others Are Saying

Claire, thanks so much! It was–bar none–the best webinar I have ever attended. Great work.

Diana Brooks, Principal, Diana Brooks Associates

Excellent presentation today.  I loved it. You are spot-on about the key to a successful board and how to “make it happen.” 

–Ted Kort, Author, “Outside the Box Fundraising”

 The webinar was so good today and, while I hope I try to be grateful to my donors, you certainly gave me some much needed inspiration.

 -Maryalice J. Kimel, Director of Development, Hospice of the Golden Isles

 I tuned into your webinar recording this morning and was very impressed!  We are fairly new to utilizing social networking/blogging, so many of the concepts you presented were quite timely!
— Barbie McNutt, Hope Pregnancy Center, Harrison, MI

I attended your webinar today. It was fantastic. I like your rigor and how careful you are with words. Thank you!

— Laura Thayer, Donor Relations Coordinator, Eastern Washington University

Just a shout-out to express gratitude for your webinar presentation!  It was so spot-on.  In particular, I really appreciated the integration of high-level principles with the nitty-gritty steps and tactics of where the rubber hits the road.

–Matt Patchell

Truly an excellent presentation. I don’t think I’ve made such a particular point of sharing this type of feedback with presenters, but really, really appreciated everything you had to say.

— Martin Linney, Senior Planned Giving Officer, Farm Sanctuary

This was a FABULOUS presentation. I am feeling uber-inspired to create and execute a true donor communication & relationship plan.

 — Karen West, Director, Ohio CPA Foundation

Loved information shared. Hearing the experiences of Claire and how to implement ideas that have worked for her and others into my own program. I have quite the “to-do” list just from this information.

— Jenn McIntire, Concordia Lutheran Ministries

Thanks so much for this very helpful webinar.  It was chock full of useful and practical information – very inspiring.

-Diane Stark, Fundraising Manager, Global Footprint Network