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Annual Giving + Fundraising Basics

Get The 7 Clairification Keys

Unlock your nonprofit’s fundraising potential through a series of “clairifying” worksheets and exercises. (1) Values. (2) Stories. (3) Brand. (4) Social Channels. (5) Support Constituencies. (6) Engagement Objectives. (7) Resources and Systems.

Anatomy of a Fundraising Appeal Letter + Sample Template

Whether you’re a pro wanting new tips, or writing an appeal for the first time, take your appeal from anesthetizing to… astounding.  From colorless to… captivating. Rock these tried-and-true tactics to get your appeal to the next level.

Anatomy of a Nonprofit Thank You Letter + Sample Template

Writing a meaningful nonprofit thank you can be tricky.  It’s not rocket science. It’s just not something most of us are taught. Learn the secrets to success here!

Year-End Fundraising To-Do's and Checklists

This Year-End Fundraising “Road Map” will assure you’ve got all your ducks nicely lined up so you don’t miss a trick at this important fundraising time — when folks are pre-disposed to be generous!

72 Creative Ways To Thank Your Donors and Keep Them For Life

Acquisition is simply a foot in the door. Retention is the name of the game. Learn what donors want most, and give it to theme. Simply put, creative thank you’s will inspire future gifts.

How to Stand Out and Build Loyalty Using Social Media

Skillfully build a rock-solid reputation for your nonprofit.  This easy-to-understand guide will give you the tools to stand-out and build your authority at the same time.


Donor Retention & Gratitude Playbook

Get The Donor Retention "Bargain Bundle"

6 Companion Guides with hands-on, practical research-based information to help significantly impact your bottom line through easy-to-implement donor retention techniques. Get the full set at a discount

Donor-Centered Retention Solution Kit

Learn to make a terrific first, second, third and beyond impression —— by thanking, praising and engaging with donors in a manner that makes them want to stay passionately loyal to you. Your journey begins here.

Nonprofit Donor Retention is Not as Hard As You Think

This simple step-by-step handbook supplements the “Donor-Centered Retention Solution Kit,” taking a deeper dive. Includes straightforward action tips to boost the lifetime value of your donors plus a compendium of links to valuable resources.

Attitude of Gratitude Donor Guide + Creative Ways to Thank Your Donors

Everything I’ve learned over the years, all tucked into one handy no-nonsense Guide on the practice of gratitude. 130 full pages, with lots of ready-to-use samples and templates. Includes Creative Ways to Thank Your Donors— with 72 ideas for you to steal!

48 hours: Your Donor Acknowledgement Solution Kit

Create an intentional step-by-step system of timely response that will maximize the lifetime value of your supporters. Includes an action plan, easy-to-use worksheets and sample policies and procedures.

Anatomy of a Nonprofit Thank You Letter + Sample Template

Your simple, step-by-step guide to crafting killer donor thank you letters. Learn all the elements that go into making your donor feel really special. Plus get sample letters, a template and links to great examples.

Thank You Calls E-Book + Script

This practical book tells you everything you need to know to make dynamite donor thank you calls that increase donor loyalty. As a stand-alone piece, it’s perfect for staff, Board and volunteers — and a non-threatening way to introduce folks to fundraising!


Major Gifts Playbook

Get The Major Gifts "Bargain Bundle"

4 Companion Guides with everything you need to know to kick start or rev up your major gifts program. Includes hands-on worksheets, exercises and checklists, plus practical tips. Get the full set at a discount.

Get Ready for Major Gifts

Get dressed for major gifts success! This Guide shows you how to power up, giving you tips regarding your major gift amount, characteristics of best major gift prospects, prospect identification, screening and rating, leadership support, research and more.

Get Your Solicitors and Donors Ready for Major Gifts

Overcome asking anxiety through preparation. Cultivate just the right amount; then get psyched for the ask! Get clarity on staff vs. volunteer roles. Embrace your personal asking style. Reframe the conversation to storytelling. Learn the #1 secret to successful asks… and more

50 Ways to Move Your Donors

No more guessing when it’s time to ask. Using the “Get to 100” system, it will become crystal clear when your prospect is primed. And since every donor is different, you’ll develop a multitude of different cultivation options — different strokes for different folks.

Anatomy of a Major Gift Ask

Clear tips, pointers and even sample language, to help you succeed when making a major gift ask. This guide will walk you through common pitfalls, and arm you with tools, secrets, key words and phrases to put your best foot forward. Stop fearing rejection… make your compelling case… listen carefully… respond with empathy… and you’ll prevail!


Major Gifts Actionable Checklists & FAQs

Get the Major Gifts Checklists & FAQs

Six succinct, targeted Cheat Sheets with practical tips and answers to frequently asked questions. Designed to be helpful to the practicing fundraiser as well as the CEO, CFO or volunteer who wants to help their organization initiate effective best practices. Get the set at a discount.

10 Keys to Lay The Groundwork for Successful Asks

You aren’t ready to ask for a gift until you’ve put in place all the essential pre-conditions, Create a blueprint, build a foundation and bring in just the right folks to get the job done.

Leadership’s Role in Major Gifts Development

Use this Checklist to build your major gifts team and infrastructure. If your Board, CEO and Executive Management Team are not passionate about your donors, it will be difficult – if not impossible – to succeed with major gifts fundraising.

How to Qualify Major Donor Prospects to Build a Manageable Caseload

Learn what goes into building a good list, and the critical difference between an undifferentiated and a “qualified” list. You’re just wasting time if you’re devoting your best resources to the wrong prospects.

Major Gift Matters: FAQs About Offering Donors Choices

Stop forcing donors to make unrestricted gifts. It leaves money on the table, and depresses future response. Learn when and how to ask for designated program gifts, how to incorporate overhead into your ask, and how to structure a donor-friendly program narrative and budget.

40 Questions to Ask Major Gift Prospects before Making an Offer They Can’t Refuse

You aren’t ready to ask until you’ve built a solid, trusting relationship with your prospect. Use these 40 questions so you can make an ideal “match” between their values and interests and your fundraising offer. This way, you won’t leave money on the table!

Volunteer Solicitor Checklist – 10 Key Words and Phrases

Stride confidently forward into your next major gift solicitation, supported by these tips. Pretty soon you’ll get so good at this that you won’t need this Checklist. It will all come to you naturally.


Online and Social Fundraising

Nonprofit Blogging that Drives Engagement "Bargain Bundle"

Blogging helps you raise awareness, integrate and leverage your content marketing and build dynamic donor relationships. Become a “player” in the blogosphere with the full “bargain bundle” series of 4 handy no-nonsense guides.”

Nonprofit Blogging “Get Started Workbook” (Vol. 1)

Worksheets, blogging tactics, content checklist, your first 10 posts, links to a multitude of popular and highly-retweeted marketing  and blogging posts and how to persuade your leadership this is a worthwhile investment.

How to Write a Great Blog with Amazing Content for Your Nonprofit (Vol 2)

Discover the content your audience wants, where to find it, how to show you’re listening, how to build and use an editorial calendar, titles, topics and intros that capture attention, sample templates and more.  Stop being the best kept secret in town!

How to Use Your Blog to Get People to Support and Engage With Your Nonprofit (Vol. 3)

Set blog goals! Learn to make your content relatable, conversational and actionable. Build in optimized calls to action. Get your content shared. Rock the 6-step blog engagement strategy!

How to Promote Your Blog to Build Your Reputation and Supporter Base (Vol. 4)

What makes a blog super powerful is its leveraging power. Get a blog promotion checklist, plus tip sheets to get your constituents to promote your content on your behalf. Learn the differences between influencers and advocates, and why you need both.

How To Stand Out And Build Loyalty Using Social Media

Keeping pace with rapidly evolving mediums of communication these days is no small task. This Tip List + Worksheet will walk you through a step-by-step process of evaluating what makes sense for your nonprofit.


Resource Guides and E-Books

Pinterest 'Hop on the Boards' eBook and Pinteresting Resources Guide

Pinterest is an exciting social media channel for creating awesome engagement opportunities for your supporters. Get tips, checklists, exercises and worksheets to help you get started and channel your creativity RIGHT AWAY.

Hop On Board Social Media Resource Guide

A directory of some of my favorite non-profit and general marketing websites, blogs, articles, tools, templates and books focusing on helping you achieve your nonprofit social media objectives.

Creative Thank You's Resource Guide

A compendium of links to resources that will inspire you to improve your customer service so that donors feel satisfied with their relationship with your organization – the foundation of trust and future giving.

A Donor Is A Terrible Thing to Lose Resource Guide

Links to valuable resources that will help you increase the lifetime value of your donors so they help you not just today — but sustain you well into the future.