Thank You Calls E-Book + Script

What’s inside?

  • 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Thank You Calls
  • 6 Most Important Elements of a Great Thank You Call
  • Most Important Donors to Call
  • Donor Thank You Call Sample Script
  • A Word about Thankathons: Good, Bad and Ugly
  • A Call is a Terrible Thing to Waste: What To Do After the Call

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What people are saying:

Your Thank You Call document was awesome and almost everyone here at CBCF has read it and found it compelling … lots of calls underway!

— Nicholas Locke, Vice-President Business Development, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation


Thank you for the “Donor Thank You Calls E-Book.” I find it very helpful, especially in teaching board members about the concept of making the thank you calls. When it comes from an authority like you, it just has a different flavor. You did a great job putting it all in one place!

— José Lusende, CFRE, St. Mary’s Child Center


Thank You Calls and Script e-Book