There are so many areas where just a one-time training, presentation or workshop can give you the understanding and oomph you need to move forward.

claire_axelrad_048Do you need to:

  • Energize your board?
  • Invigorate your staff?
  • Build a team around a common purpose?
  • Develop a greater comfort level around fundraising? Technology?
  • Rejuvenate your branding and identity strategy?
  • Figure out why what you’re doing isn’t working?
  • Identify and/or resolve a problem or underlying issue that’s become a road block?
  • Discover where you’re on the same page, and where you’re not?
  • Develop and practice kick-ass fundraising pitches?
  • Brainstorm how to retain more donors?
  • Brainstorm sponsors for your next event?

There are many things we can do together. If you need inspiration, I suggest you check out my Clairification articles.  Scan the topics I’ve posted on and see if any of them might meet your needs for a keynote, group pow-wow or even a half-day or one-day workshop.

Prior to a training session, workshop or speaking engagement I will:

  • Schedule a conference call with you to understand your goals and what you would like participants to take away.
  • Develop customized, interactive content to meet your specific goals.
  • Prepare hand-out materials for participants to refer to either before or after the session, or both.

If training or some sort of presentation or group facilitation may be right for you, the best thing is for us to talk. There’s no obligation, of course.  Let’s find out! You can contact me to explain your needs or grab a time for a free 15-minute exploratory phone call.


Bar none – the best webinar I have ever attended… Claire, thanks so much! Since I am a trainer and speaker myself, I know a good presentation when I hear/see one. Great work.

– Diana Brooks, Principal, Diana Brooks Associates

If you have time for only one webinar this year, make sure it is this one! Well presented, concise and practical. I came away with action items and strategies I can implement immediately. Every tactic was backed up by data. Exactly what I needed.

– Joanne Ferris, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania – Uniting Church, Australia

I appreciate you actually enjoy wanting us to succeed.

– Alyce Ayers, Director of Resource Development, Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity

Thank you, Claire, for the excellent and timely lesson based on the fundamental principles of great communications.

– Mariana P. Danely, J.D., Professor, UCLA; Ashford University

This was a FABULOUS presentation. I am feeling uber-inspired to create and EXECUTE a true donor communication & relationship plan. The most useful thing I learned was that it’s absolutely critical to commit significant time, thoughtfulness and energy to donor stewardship.

– Karen West, Director, Ohio CPA Foundation

Claire Axelrad’s down-to-earth, common sense guidelines on creating a strategy around expressing donor gratitude was beyond outstanding. I can’t wait to incorporate her ideas. Thank you!!

Deborah Muehleisen, Communications & Management Advisor

This was one of the best webinars I have ever attended. Very practical steps backed with solid data.

– Beth Mixon, Southeast Area Health Education Center

Excellent presentation today.  I loved it. You are spot-on about the key to a successful board and how to “make it happen.”

– Ted Kort, Author, “Outside the Box Fundraising”

I attended your Attitude of Gratitude Webinar and was really impressed with your knowledge and insight.  Honestly, it gave me a bit of an attitude adjustment and the push I needed to keep going.

— Char Cole, Founder, Still Waters Equestrian Academy

Hearing the experiences of Claire and how to implement ideas that have worked for her and others into my own program. I have quite the “to-do” list just from this information.– Jenn McIntire, Concordia Lutheran Ministries

It was chock full of useful and practical information – very inspiring. Thanks so much for this very helpful webinar!

-Diane Stark, Fundraising Manager, Global Footprint Network

I attended your webinar today. It was fantastic. I like your rigor and how careful you are with words. Thank you!

— Laura Thayer, Donor Relations Coordinator, Eastern Washington University

Passion for serving her clients inspires me to help others
I had the pleasure of having Claire be a guest presenter on a recent board development audio series. Not only was her content creative and relevant but as a colleague, her passion for serving her clients inspires me to help others in a more meaningful way.

– Natasha Golinsky, Principal, Next Level Nonprofits

The webinar was so good today and, while I hope I try to be grateful to my donors, you certainly gave me some much needed inspiration.

Maryalice J. Kimel, Director of Development, Hospice of the Golden Isles

Truly an excellent presentation. I don’t think I’ve made such a particular point of sharing this type of feedback with presenters, but really, really appreciated everything you had to say.

– Martin Linney, Senior Planned Giving Officer, Farm Sanctuary

I really appreciate Claire’s enthusiasm to share her many years of experience. Her information is useful and relevant. Her webinar was packed full of interesting information and moved along at a good pace. I really enjoyed it and found quite a few useful takeaways.

Dawn Metcalf, Youthnet

Excellent webinar! Claire’s presentation was bursting with helpful creative content and resources.

– Alison Martin, Boys & Girls Club of Porter County

I found your presentation beyond helpful and thoroughly engaging.

Ashley Ross, Florida Polytechnic University

Brilliant summary of the whole “story v. stats” thing, Claire. Thank you.

–Tom Ahern, Principal, Ahern Donor Communications