Your donor’s philanthropic journey begins with you. I’ll be your guide. So you can be your donor’s guide.

Your passion is expressed by making profound change happen. In your organization. Community. Region. World. Your donor’s passion is expressed the same way.

Match your passion to your donor’s passion. Fan the flames of passion by inviting folks on a transformative journey – one that will stoke donor fires and meaningfully fulfill the desires of both you and your investors.

Become a passionate philanthropy facilitator and you’ll become much more than a forgettable fundraiser. Your meaningful work will live on as a legacy.

I promise to help you be memorable.

Better than forgettable fundraising means focusing on your donors.

  • If it’s not good for them, it’s not good for you.
  • If it means a lot to them, it will mean a lot to you.
  • If your purpose matches their purpose, you’ll both wind up fulfilled.
  • If you eschew the transactional, you’ll reach the transformational.

Better than forgettable fundraising means nurturing your donors.

  • Remarkable Relationship Building
  • A Customer-Centric Culture
  • Passionate Philanthropy

Better than forgettable fundraising means loving your donors.

  • Leisured Listening
  • Donor-Centered Dialogue
  • Energetic Engagement
  • Generous Gratitude

The money will come, but it won’t be about the money. It will be about the love.


Clairification Principles

Passionate philanthropy is values based

Sustainable fundraising is relationship based

Effective resource development is culture based

Delivering meaning to donors is central to your mission

Outbound marketing misses the donor’s point

Inbound marketing finds the donor’s need and fills it

Development/marketing and fundraising/sales are synonymous

Relevant content is your gift to give

Facts inform, stories sell

Everyone is in sales/fundraising

Donor-centered fundraising is social