Some years ago I decided to do something new. I realized not everyone has a big budget for consulting, training, coaching and mentoring. But that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t use a little help now and then.

Plus, I learned that successful coaching is all about the “fit” between you and me.  I want you to be sure we’re a good match before you invest your precious resources.

I decided to offer up to four “Hours of Power” at a super-discounted rate so you can get to know me, and vice-versa.  And also so you folks with significantly limited resources can still get your immediate needs met.  Maybe you’ll decide to retain me for a longer period after we get to know each other. Maybe not.  It’s all good.

An Hour is Often All it Takes

Why not grab a jump-on-the-phone ‘Hour of Power?’

It can help you enormously to kick-start an idea you’ve been noodling around or figure out how to overcome a brick wall you’ve come up against.

Rather than hire me for a big block of hours or a complete project, sometimes you just want to bat around a few ideas or share a particular problem you’ve been unable to resolve. An hour is often all it takes.

After 30+ years of experience in the nonprofit management, marketing and fundraising trenches, I’m really good at reading between the lines and getting to the crux of the matter. Folks tell me that spending just one hour with me makes a light bulb go off in their head. I’m not just tooting my own horn here (well, maybe a little – after all, you want me to be confident I can help you, don’t you)?

The great thing about the ‘Hour of Power’ is that we cut right to the chase.

You tell me in advance what you’d like to discuss and send me any supporting materials you’d like. So I’m ready for you. It can be around an issue or challenge, it can be review of marketing materials like an appeal letter, thank you letter, e-appeal or case statement, or it can be development of policies, procedures and plans.

I will deliver:

FOCUS – I can usually read between the lines to get to the real root of the problem. I’ll help you pinpoint your critical areas of challenge by listening, probing, and helping you think through strategic next steps. I want to get down to business and give you some clear actionable insights and next steps.

HONEST FEEDBACK – I won’t lie to you. If your plan doesn’t make good sense, I’ll let you know. I’ll weigh in using both experience and common sense. And I’ll also help you to think expansively so you don’t narrow your options. Time for a reality check? Call me!

STRATEGIC THINKING – I’m known for being both visionary and practical. I love to brainstorm and get creative; I also know when it’s time to get real.  I know all about working under pressure and within a budget.  Let’s think this through together.

If I think what you want to accomplish will take longer than an hour, I’ll let you know right away.

If the ‘Hour of Power’ might meet your needs, let’s do it!  I promise we’ll pack a lot into our hour together and you’ll leave with practical strategies and a new vision around your next steps.


How much does it cost?

The Hour of Power is $297. I’m discounting my normal hourly rate of $350 by more than 15% to help make this affordable.   It’s not cheap, but it’s extraordinarily cost-effective.

We laser in on your specific problem, whatever that may be. So it may be a better investment than a class or conference that offers a generic cookie cutter approach. When you consider the recent research showing that every additional training in which you invest results in an additional $37,000 in income, the upfront cost of coaching more than evaporates.

You can also buy a package of four hours at an even greater discount — 25% off — and this way I’m there to have your back and offer support and guidance as you begin to implement what we’ve discussed.

How do I get my Hour of Power and how soon can we start?

Simply CLICK HERE for one discounted Hour of Power to complete payment and reserve your time.

Think you can use 4 hours?

I’m offering an even bigger discount for a ‘Package of Power’ — just $1050. Essentially, you get four sessions for the price of three.  That means one session is completely free! (If you want to grab this and save $350 off my normal rates, do it soon. I have limited slots available, and when they’re filled they’re filled).

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Package of Power and schedule your first session.


I got so many great ideas I asked Claire if I could get off the phone early… I was so excited to put them in place right away! — Liz Givens, Chief Development Officer, Opportunity Fund

In less than an hour she gave us the perfect checklist to help us take a step back and look at the letter and collateral as a whole packet. Very practical and helpful – as always! We’re working on finalizing our renewals letters to existing donors today – and this was  exactly what we needed! — Julia Wilson, E.D., One Justice

With a 30% turnover in the an already-stretched development department in one year, I needed help. I hired Claire to tele-coach the new annual fund manager who had no experience in that role. Among all the development “voices” out there, I had noted she tackles immediate needs and tasks while holding the long-view and big picture in mind. She does not compromise one for the other. Her coaching was spot on and reflected that simultaneous short- and long-term perspective. I’d rate it a tremendous value for services delivered!  I look forward to using her coaching again. — Sara Becker, Director of Development, Oakland Zoo

I love your ability to bring social trends, business best practice and organizational development into our conversations. As a fundraising executive with an Organizational Development degree, I appreciate your contribution to my own growth. — G. Meredith (McElwee) Betz, MSOD, MS.Ed, CFRE, NCC, Director of Fund Development, Nemours Hospital

You are a forever flowing fountain of enormous information and a wealth of ideas.  Thanks for being there for all of us small non-profits. —Sharon Coleman, St. Francis House

It was lovely to actually talk to the person behind the blog, and even better to get such helpful advice/thought. Really appreciate you fitting me in on such short notice – it was an incredibly helpful session! –Jill Freeman, J.Freeman Ventures

I was at my wit’s end trying to get my Foundation board to do somethinganything. Claire described exactly what I needed to do. Everything she said applied to my board and to me. The steps she recommended were clear, specific, and made a lot of sense. -Sandy Pollard, Stuart Public Library, Director