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What Others Are Saying

Claire, thanks so much! It was--bar none--the best webinar I have ever attended. Great work.

-- Diana Brooks, Principal, Diana Brooks Associates

Excellent presentation today.  I loved it. You are spot-on about the key to a successful board and how to "make it happen." 

--Ted Kort, Author, “Outside the Box Fundraising”

 The webinar was so good today and, while I hope I try to be grateful to my donors, you certainly gave me some much needed inspiration.

 -Maryalice J. Kimel, Director of Development, Hospice of the Golden Isles

 I tuned into your webinar recording this morning and was very impressed!  We are fairly new to utilizing social networking/blogging, so many of the concepts you presented were quite timely!
-- Barbie McNutt, Hope Pregnancy Center, Harrison, MI

I attended your webinar today. It was fantastic. I like your rigor and how careful you are with words. Thank you!

-- Laura Thayer, Donor Relations Coordinator, Eastern Washington University

Just a shout-out to express gratitude for your webinar presentation!  It was so spot-on.  In particular, I really appreciated the integration of high-level principles with the nitty-gritty steps and tactics of where the rubber hits the road.

--Matt Patchell

Truly an excellent presentation. I don’t think I’ve made such a particular point of sharing this type of feedback with presenters, but really, really appreciated everything you had to say.

-- Martin Linney, Senior Planned Giving Officer, Farm Sanctuary

This was a FABULOUS presentation. I am feeling uber-inspired to create and execute a true donor communication & relationship plan.

 -- Karen West, Director, Ohio CPA Foundation

Your slides are exceptional.  I’ve printed them out and am sending them around the office for everyone to read. 

-- Karen Bonner, CFRE, CHRISTUS Spohn Health System Foundation

I attended your Attitude of Gratitude Webinar and was really impressed with your knowledge and insight.  Honestly, it gave me a bit of an attitude adjustment and the push I needed to keep going.  

-- Char Cole, Founder, Still Waters Equestrian Academy

Loved information shared. Hearing the experiences of Claire and how to implement ideas that have worked for her and others into my own program. I have quite the "to-do" list just from this information.

-- Jenn McIntire, Concordia Lutheran Ministries

I’ve spent over 20 years in marketing, communications, brand and business development and I love your directness, practicality and no-nonsense multidisciplinary approach to fund development and non-profit needs.

-- Mirjana Galovich, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

Thanks so much for this very helpful webinar.  It was chock full of useful and practical information – very inspiring.

-Diane Stark, Fundraising Manager, Global Footprint Network