Major Gifts Actionable Checklists, FAQs & Cheat Sheets

More Goodies to Help Your Nonprofit Succeed with Major Gifts Fundraising

Why you should get these Checklists, FAQs & Cheat Sheets

Is your major donor prospect caseload unwieldy?

Do you need help figuring out which prospects to spend the most time on?

Do you need help creating clear program narratives and budgets that inspire major donor support?

Do you need help figuring out how to talk about tricky issues, like overhead?

Could you use suggestions about how to draw your prospects out and learn more about their true passions?

Do you wish you could persuade your leadership — CEO, Board and Program Managers  — to be more involved with major donor development?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then I invite you to check out these handy-dandy checklists!

I answer some of the most frequently asked questions I receive from fundraisers like you who are struggling to get their major gifts programs off the ground — or who just know they could be doing a much better job (and stressing out a lot less).

After I wrote my Major Gifts Playbook I realized I was still getting lots of nitty-gritty questions from major gifts fundraisers — both staff and volunteers.  They understood the theory, but they found sometimes it wasn’t so easy in practice. 

  • Their CEO didn’t “get it.”
  • Or their board wasn’t supportive. 
  • Or they simply had too much work and didn’t quite know how to get it all organized.

On top of this, folks were feeling frustrated that they weren’t getting enough done. Or weren’t getting the right things done.  They had nagging feelings they could — and should — be raising more money.  But they couldn’t quite put a finger on where they were going wrong.

Well-meaning leaders too often look at the wrong qualifiers, and this leads to wheel spinning.

  • Just because someone has wealth or high name recognition does not mean they’re a good major donor prospect for you.
  • Just because someone makes a gift at your major donor level does not mean they belong on your “moves management” list.
  • Just because your financial officer wants you to only ask for unrestricted gifts does not mean this should be your fundraising strategy.
  • Just because your leaders think their role is “programs” and yours is “fundraising” does not mean you should accept this as a fait accomplit.

What’s in these Checklists and Cheat Sheets?

There are six separate worksheets so the subject matter is easy for you to manage and not overwhelming.  If all of these issues resonate with you, then you’ll want to get them all — at the “Bundle Bargain” discount! If you’re struggling with a particular area, then you can just get the one or two you need most.

Each Checklist or Cheat Sheet contains 10 – 20 pages and presents practical actionable tips as well as answers to frequently asked questions. They are designed to be helpful to the practicing fundraiser as well as the CEO, CFO or volunteer who wants to help their organization initiate effective best practices — tried and true techniques — to raise more money.

If you’ve already purchased the Major Gifts Playbook these worksheets are the perfect supplement.

So many great ideas and suggestions, as well as practical tips.

 Easy to read – very usable. I like the conversational style.

Well organized with tons of strategies and examples on how to be successful at this important work.  

It’s practical and you write in very clear, easy to understand terms. I like how you give specific examples and ways to implement your strategies.

Content is practical and can be easily shared.

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Leadership’s Role in Major Gifts Development

Build your major gifts team! If your Board, your CEO and your Executive Management Team are not passionate about your donors then it will be extraordinarily difficult – if not impossible – to succeed with major gifts fundraising. Use this ‘To Do’ and Checklist to get everyone on the same page and pumped up about developing a robust major gifts program to sustain your organization through good times and bad.

How to Qualify Major Donor Prospects to Build a Manageable Caseload

Your prospect list will account for 80% of your success with major gifts fundraising. Learn what goes into building a good list, and what the difference is between a list that’s undifferentiated and one that is “qualified.” You’re just wasting time if you’re devoting your best resources to the wrong prospects. Use this Checklist to create and manage just the right caseload for you.

Major Gifts Matters —FAQs about Offering Donors Choices 

If you’re still insisting that your fundraiser ask primarily for unrestricted gifts you’re probably leaving money on the table.  If you want donors to make passionate gifts, you need to think from their perspective. Learn when and how to ask for designated program gifts, how to incorporate overhead into your ask, how to structure a donor-friendly program narrative and budget — and more.


10 Keys to Lay the Groundwork for Successful Asks

You aren’t ready to ask for a gift until you’ve put in place all the essential pre-conditions. Before it’s time to ask, it’s time to create a blueprint, build a foundation and bring in just the right folks to get the job done. Quickly learn all the steps you need to take in order to assure that, when you get inside the room with your prospective donor, you’re ready to put your best foot forward. I can guarantee you that you’ll end up working much more effectively — and you won’t leave money on the table.

40 Questions to Ask Major Gift Prospects before Making an Offer They Can’t Refuse

The most under-acknowledged fundraising truism is this: It’s not about the ‘ask’; it’s about the relationship. There’s an art to drawing out your major gift prospect so you ensure you’re making an ideal “match” between their values and interests and your fundraising offer .If you follow this Question Checklist as a guideline for unlocking your donors interests and passions, and structuring your major gifts cultivation accordingly, you’ll raise more money.

Major Gifts- Volunteer Solicitor Checklist: 10 Key Words and Phrases

It helps to feel confident, passionate and in charge when going into a major gift solicitation. If you go through this checklist, and take these tips to heart, you’ll be ready! Pretty soon you’ll get so good at this that you won’t need this Checklist. It will all come to you naturally.  Still, it’s not something most of us do on a daily basis, so when you need a little boost, give this Checklist a quick once-over. You don’t want to limp into a major gifts solicitation, do you? No. You want to stride confidently forward!

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Get the Major Gifts Checklists & FAQs
Immediately Download Your Bundle for Just $99.00

Clairification subscribers receive special discounts. To get yours, click here

All Clairification products are guaranteed. In fact, if you don’t make more money than you spend on this, I’ll make a donation to your nonprofit!