Get The Clairification Creative Thank Yous Resource Guide

The Clairification Creative Thank Yous Resource Guide is a compendium of links to valuable resources that will help you super-charge your fundraising success.  Not just today. But to sustain you well into the future.

What’s inside?

  • Amazing blog articles I’ve curated to give you a well-rounded picture of the art of thank you.  Not just from the nonprofit world, but from business, motivational psychology, science and philosophy.
  • Links to Sample Donor Acknowledgment Policies and Procedures
  • A great selection of books I think you’ll find super helpful.
  • Inspiring thank you videos to kick-start your brainstorming. These are really fun to watch!
  • Interesting resources and tools.
  • Special BONUS: 15-minute complimentary phone consultation – just for downloading the guide

The Clairification Thank You’s Resource Guide is free.  Just tell me where to send it!

Creative Thank You’s Resource Guide