Get The Clairification Hop on Board Nonprofit Social Media Guide

The ‘Hop on Board’ Social Media Resource Guide is a handy-dandy directory of some of my favorite non-profit and general marketing websites, blogs, articles,  tools, templates and books focusing on helping you to achieve your nonprofit social media objectives. Some of what you’ll find will get you started. Some will help you get the job done.  And some will simply give you inspiration to keep on keeping on.

What’s inside?

  • 27  full pages with more than 100 tips, resources and tools to help you with your resolve to fully embrace social media for your nonprofit.
  • Links to a multitude of popular and highly-shared social media articles.
  • Links to admired communications, content marketing and social media blogs.
  • Links to inspiring and practical nonprofit marketing and fundraising blogs.
  • Links to additional tools to help you with social media planning, content marketing, strategic use of social channels, measurement and more.
  • Lots of fun ideas and links to creative strategies other nonprofits are using.
  • Special BONUS: 15-minute complimentary phone consultation – just for downloading the guide!

Fundraising and marketing have changed more in the past 5 years than in the previous 50 – it’s time to hop on board the train to the 21st century, and beyond.