Good communication is the key to a good relationship that lasts for any length of time.  And if you don’t have good communication — and a robust, multi-channel relationship-building strategy —  it’s going to be very difficult in 2014 for your nonprofit to find and keep donors.

Not to worry. This course has got your back!

Done right, social media is a relationship-building magic bullet.

I’m not kidding. Do you know the #1 reason you’re losing 70% of your donors before they ever make a second gift? Do you know why in 2012 the average nonprofit lost 105 donors for every 100 they gained? (Yes, you read that right).

The #1 reason you’re losing donors is poor communication.

  • You’re not showing donors you know them (because, all too often, you don’t!). You’re not showing donors you love them (because too often you’re making it all about you, not your donor).
  • You’re not showing donors the impact of their giving (because you send statistics, not stories).
  • You’re not showing donors you’re plugged into your issue (because you send communications on your schedule, not based on what’s happening in the donor’s world).

Social media can help you super charge your communication to deepen your donor relationships and raise more money.

How?  Through engagement.  You’ve got to do more than just say thank you one time. And simply adding a newsletter and a holiday card to the “stewardship” schedule is not enough.

You must go beyond stewardship — seen as a “job” or an “act of protecting” to relationship building — seen as a process of connecting, linking with and behaving towards people in a manner that demonstrates friendship.

You’ve got to connect… connect… connect.  You’ve got to show interest in your supporters. You’ve got to learn more about them… ask them questions… ask for advice and opinions… be responsive.  That’s the stuff good relationships are built upon. 

Social media can be a great way to romance your supporters.

And romance leads to engagement.  And engagement comes before marriage.

Are you guilty of trying to rush to the altar too soon? That won’t make a lasting marriage. Your donors will bolt. Don’t let this happen!

Do you want a quick and easy way to reach the folks most important to your success — your donors, potential supporters and friends?

Would you like to have supercharged Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media pages and campaigns for your non-profit?

Do you wish you had simple, step-by-step plans for raising more money, finding new followers, and connecting with donors through social networks?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then I invite you to join me for the next six weeks to learn everything you need to know to help your organization maximize its revenue and relationships through social media.

Social media is not just for behemoths with tons of resources to invest.

It’s not just for technology wizards. You can do it – no matter what your size or expertise. Find out how to get it done – and move from good to great!

Why is Social Media So Important?

Your supporters like it. Often more than a phone call. More than a visit. You’ve got to give your donors what they like. I’m not saying you shouldn’t phone or visit them at some point. But you’re better off connecting digitally than not at all. And many donors these days will never respond to a phone call. No matter how often you keep trying.

It’s the number one way people find out about brands (yes, you’re a brand) these days.  Usage is growing by leaps and bounds – and the users are not confined to one generation. It’s called “Generation X” – and most of your would-be constituents are included.

It may be today’s best practice for finding and building relationships with constituents. I recently read an old-school article about fundraising basics that offered a hierarchy of ways to connect with major donors.  Visit. Phone. Mail. Email.  In practice these days it’s not always so.

Growing a community is like growing a garden. And social media plants the seeds. You’ll learn how to become an excellent gardener in this course!

What’s in this Course?

Social Media for Fundraisers: How to Deepen Relationships and Raise More Money will run from Monday, April 21st through Tuesday, May 27th.  This class runs completely online, and all materials will be delivered electronically.

Class materials will arrive to your inbox every Monday.  Don’t worry – we’ll include information on how to download the materials and watch the webinars.

The Course Modules:

Here are the weekly course modules you’ll receive:

Week 1 – The Fundamentals of Building an Amazing Online Presence for Your Non-Profit

Guide:  How to Build a Supercharged Online Presence for Your Organization

Podcast:  The Right Way to Use Non-Profit Social Media… Without the Stress or Hassle

Week 2 – Facebook for Non-Profits

Guide: How to Build and Supercharge Your Organization’s Presence on Facebook

Podcast: 8 Ways to Find New Facebook Followers for Your Non-Profit

Week 3 – LinkedIn for Non-Profits

Guide: How to Build and Supercharge Your Organization’s Presence on LinkedIn

Podcast:  Using LinkedIn Groups to Build a Network for Your Non-Profit

Week 4 – Twitter for Non-Profits

Recorded Webinar:  How to Use Twitter to Get More Attention for Your Non-Profit.  Presented by Mazarine Treyz, author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media.

BONUS: How to Supercharge Your Non-Profit’s Website – E-Book by Joe Garecht.

Week 5 – Google+ and Pinterest for Non-Profits

Guide:  How to Build and Supercharge Your Organization’s Presence on Google+ and Pinterest

Podcast:  3 Ways to Use Google+ to Boost Your Non-Profit’s Visibility and Reach

Week 6 – Learning from the Best: Non-Profit Social Media Rock Stars

Review Packet:  This week, you’ll receive a review packet with screenshots of some of the best non-profit social media pages and presences from around the world, along with detailed notes and tips on why these pages are working and how you can apply these strategies to your own social networking efforts.

BONUS: Clairification Hop on Board Social Media Resource Guide – by Claire Axelrad. 8 full pages with more than 100 tips, resources and tools to help you with your resolve to fully embrace social media for your nonprofit.

Who is This Course For?

Social Media: How to Deepen Relationships and Raise More Money is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to use social networking sites to help a non-profit succeed.  Whether you are new to social media or have been working with social platforms for years, this course will show you how to exceed your online goals, without spending hours and hours each day.

This course is perfect for anyone who is or will be responsible for an organization’s social media presence, including Executive Directors, Development Directors, fundraising staff members, non-profit communication managers, board members, and non-profit development and marketing consultants.

Even better? You can register as many individuals from your organization as you’d like – at no additional fee. That way everyone, from your E.D. to your board members, will truly be on board with what it takes to be successful raising awareness and building increased involvement and investment through social media.

Learn at Your Own Pace, at Your Convenience

One of the best things about this course is that you can read the guides and listen to the podcasts/webinars from the comfort of your home or office.  Though the modules are delivered weekly – and spaced out so as not to be overwhelming (like a full one-day conference might be) — you don’t have to read or listen to them at an assigned time.

All the materials are yours to keep!  So even if you can’t get through them all immediately, you can use them whenever you have the time and/or inclination. And you can share them with future employees and volunteers as well.

Joe GarechtLearn from the Best in the Business

This course is taught by my friend, Joe Garecht, a real sweetheart, author of The Non-Profit Fundraising Formula and founder of The Fundraising Authority. Joe has spent the past 12 years helping organizations worldwide raise more money and get more attention. He has personally built and successfully managed the social media presences for multiple non-profits and businesses.  I am so pleased to be able to offer his wisdom and street smarts to you here – 6 weeks filled with tested techniques to maximize your online presence, raise more money, and connect with more supporters and prospects.

Your Investment in a Supercharged Social Media Presence

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You can register your entire team, including volunteers, staff, board members and more, for $117 for all six modules: written materials, webinars, podcasts, bonuses and direct email access to both me and Joe. A full-day in-person seminar on non-profit social media can cost anywhere from $200-$400 (not including travel expenses), and yet not offer anywhere near the amount or quality of materials that are included with this workshop. Here you get to learn in the comfort of your own home, office or favorite cafe. And the notes are already taken for you! Pretty swell, no? Elsewhere online you could buy a single webinar for this price.

I learned so much from your course… You boiled down best practices in a concise manner and I was able to execute the concrete “action items” that you suggested immediately. This course was a great value — I am now on top of what I should be doing to fundraise via social media.

-Kristyn Durie,

Direct Access to Joe

During this class, each participant will have direct access to presenter Joe Garecht.   Send him your questions about what you are learning and how it applies to your own non-profit and he will respond with customized advice and counsel.

Register Now to Reserve Your Space for the Price of Just $117.  You’ll love it! Yet if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply let me know and you’ll receive a full, 100%, no questions asked refund.

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