Purely Practical SMIT for October and Halloween: The Scary Alternative to Fundraising

Here comes this month’s *SMIT (Single Most Important Thing I have to tell you).   The alternative to fundraising is a lot scarier than fundraising. There are a lot of scary problems in the world.  Cancer… global warming… natural disasters… homelessness… domestic violence… human trafficking… malaria… undrinkable water… injustice… poverty… Is fundraising scarier than doing what…


5 Little Understood Factors About a Board Member's Role – Part 3 of “The 3 Ways We Go Wrong Asking Nonprofit Boards to Help Raise Funds"

Collecting for the poor is an honored tradition In Jewish tradition the “Gabbai Tzedekah,” the money collector, held a very special and esteemed role as the collector and disburser of funds to help the poor. The root of “tzedekah” means justice; it was simply the right thing to do to help. The Gabbai risked him/herself,…


The Shocking Thing Board Members Do and Why It’s Your Fault – Part 2 of “The 3 Ways We Go Wrong Asking Nonprofit Boards to Help Raise Funds"

Is this a board member you know? Board members often take unrestrained ight in not cottoning to fundraising.  They smile and wink and pat one another on the back about it.  “Oh, fundraising, that’s not for me!”  “No, it’s yucky; I’ll do anything but fund raise.” “Yeah, fundraising is for folks who like to sell.”…