Missoni Zig Zag Top Giveaway! Hitting the Target; Missing the Mark: When there is no there there, your hype is empty, your customer is alienated and your brand gets injured

Failure to iver on your promise.  This is the cardinal sin in branding. I promised this blog would not just be about philanthropy, but sometimes also about phasion and fun. So… I am following through.  Plus I am PROMISING that if you to the Clairification e list, and add a comment to this blog…


Relationship Building: Everything You Need to Know But are Too Clueless to Ask

My original title was: Asking the Questions; Doing Something with the Answers.  A corollary would be “plan the dive; dive the plan”. In other words, we shouldn’t be diving into things (think about what you’re doing with your brand, website and social media in particular) without first asking some critical questions. I added “clueless” to…