Brand Spanking New: The changing meaning of ‘mark’ in marketing, ‘relationship’ in CRM and ‘social’ in branding and business

Branding used to connote something done with a hot iron to mark ownership of a steer.  If there was a relationship quality to this it was only in the fact of being an owner of the thing possessed. It was certainly not about building a relationship, or any important social bonds, with your livestock. In…


You Say "Potato," I Say "Patattah": Development vs. Marketing, Part 2, How to persuade your E.D. and Board that they’re the same thing

The fact that development and marketing are charged with making the same relationship-building and communications decisions means that it is time, once and for all, to actively align these functions.  Yesterday in Part 1 we discussed the natural linkages between these functions and that, first and foremost, everything we do is about the customer experience. Today,…


Opinion above Knowledge: Common Communication Missteps to Avoid Part 1

Are you writing your own fundraising letters?  Worse still, is your Executive Director writing them?  According to Jeff Bros “insiders” like you and your key staff are simply too close to the organization to write effective, persuasive copy.  Why?  Because over time you/they have developed a certain way of thinking, and a certain proprietary knowledge,…


Relationship Building: Everything You Need to Know But are Too Clueless to Ask

My original title was: Asking the Questions; Doing Something with the Answers.  A corollary would be “plan the dive; dive the plan”. In other words, we shouldn’t be diving into things (think about what you’re doing with your brand, website and social media in particular) without first asking some critical questions. I added “clueless” to…


The Sticky Effect of The Girl Effect – Messaging is the Medium. Or is it?

So powerful.  So sobering.  I just watched “The Girl Effect” video for the “n”th time; it never loses its potency. A simple story.  Rapidly told.  Presenting examples. Playing to our emotions.  Offering a solution. Messaging doesn’t get compelling than this.  In cased you’ve never seen it, The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking is…