Clairity Click-it: Leadership, Text Donations, Mobile Optimization, Saying Thank You

Here are some important links for you as we head into prime fundraising season. Some will make you think. Others are hands-on and practical. Enjoy!


Click-It: To Be a True Leader, Start by Listening. Check out this podcast where Allison Fine interviews Annie Murphy Paul, author of the upcoming Brilliant: The New Science of Smart, about the concept of “cognitive humility”—recognizing what you don’t know and having an eagerness to learn. Do you fear to let others know when you don’t know something? Learn how to embrace admitting this as a strength.


Clairity Click-it: Best Fundraising Asks; Loyalty Metrics; Cultural Change; Maximize Time on Social Media; LinkedIn

Here”s your ‘Back to School’ Clairity Click-it. It’s a good time to learn a few new tricks — and there are plenty of them here for you to noodle on and sink your teeth into.  Let’s take a lo! Best Fundraising Asks Click-It: Your Favorite Fundraising Asks or Offers in Your Appeals? Kivi LeRoux Miller…


Clairity Click-it: Invest in Fundraising; Social Media Measurement; Donor Retention; Annual Fund; Major Gifts

Invest in Fundraising

This end of July (can you believe it?) Clairity Click-it brings a lot of great tips about how to plan ahead to take your fundraising to new heights next year. We start with resources, move on to thinking about measuring success, and then end with three core programs every development program should have in place: Donor Retention, Annual Fund and Major Gifts. You’ve got just about a month to get your ducks in order before prime fundraising season begins. To your success!


Clairity Click-it: Build Relationships; Online Content; Social Media

This week is all about building relationships using online media – with tips from some of my favorite nonprofit and for profit fundraising, marketing and social media gurus.

With donor retention rates hovering around 30 – 40% — yes, that means you’re LOSING 7 out of 10 new donors and 6 out of 10 repeat donors – it’s more important than ever to use every tool at your disposal to truly engage with your constituents.  The majority of them are online, either a lot or a little.  So read these articles and put your best foot forward!


Spring Clairity Click-it: Email Marketing, Donor Newsletters, Small Gifts Matter, Donor Stewardship

Yes, it turned to spring at 12:57 p.m. early this morning. It’s a good time to do a little spring cleaning. Clear out the mistakes and the old stuff that’s no longer working for you. Keep the basics.  Freshen up with some new stuff, or just tweak things a little. This week’s links for nonprofit fundraisers and marketers includes some of all of this.   Happy spring!