5 Reasons Why Nonprofit Marketing Must Change from Inside/Out to Outside/In

For years nonprofits have worked from the “inside out” in terms of prioritizing constituencies to target. It was accepted wisdom that effective fundraising was an “inside out” proposition and that we should work our networks beginning with those with the greatest reasons to give (e.g., board members, clients, family and friends). As resources allowed, we’d then…


Purely Practical SMIT for May:Content Opportunities Hiding in Plain Sight

Here comes this month’s *SMIT (Single Most Important Thing I have to tell you).  After a month of discussing content marketing, and using a blog as the hub of your marcom strategy, this month I’m channeling a wonderful post from Marketing Profs about Six Content Marketing Opportunities You’re Missing.  Thank you Daniel Kuperman! Confession: this…


How to Build an Editorial Calendar for Blog Content Marketing and Why You’ll be Glad You Did

What’s your content management strategy? It’s been said that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. A Blog Editorial Calendar is a simple organizational tool to assure success. Part content strategic plan and part publishing schedule, it’s the foundation of strategic blogging. So let’s take a lo at how to create order from chaos.…


From Customer Engagement to Desire to Investment: Blogs Bond, Now What? Part III

Now what? Blogs – and social media of all stripes – are not the end goal.  They’re a lot of things. Fun… Annoying… Exciting… Time sucking… Sexy… Leveraging… Awareness creating… Teaching… Seducing… and let’s not forget –Bonding!  As discussed in  Part I and Part II , they can create relationships like nobody’s business if we…