Why You Must Stop Putting Out Fires: the Urgent Disrupts; the Important Erupts

Preventing beats fighting Remember:  Only YOU can prevent [forest] fires. Do you find yourself spending most of your time responding to other people’s crises?  Is your day consumed with disruptive activities? Answering e? Responding to texts and voice? Are you constantly reacting, with little time left for acting? If so, you (and most likely your…


A Dozen Fresh Ways to Occupy Philanthropy: Top Tips to Build Community and Broaden Your Donor Base

Philanthropy should not just be about big checks.  We live in times of scarcity. How are you mobilizing your community in fresh and different ways? How are you building long-term capacity to sustain your organization? How are you creating stronger, deeper relationships with constituents? 1.      Identify where your communities hang out.How? Lo for what groups…