Purely Practical SMIT for October and Halloween: The Scary Alternative to Fundraising

Here comes this month’s *SMIT (Single Most Important Thing I have to tell you).   The alternative to fundraising is a lot scarier than fundraising. There are a lot of scary problems in the world.  Cancer… global warming… natural disasters… homelessness… domestic violence… human trafficking… malaria… undrinkable water… injustice… poverty… Is fundraising scarier than doing what…


Fundraising Writer Alert: 6 Things Modern Jargon Is and Why You Must Avoid Them

Jargon is the opposite of constituent-centered writing.             You must avoid it because it’s not constituent-centered.             I could stop here, but I won’t.  Because most of us use jargon all the time without being aware we’re doing so.  Why?  Because we only know that it’s ‘bad’ and to be avoided.  Yet how can one…