Who Ya Gonna Call? Philanthropy Facilitators!

Every day this virus haunts us.   It reminds us of what is truly important.  Coming together.  Helping each other. Giving. Receiving.  Finding balance.  Finding meaning. Being grateful for tiny beautiful things. Acting with purpose.  Helping others act with purpose.  Bringing joy.  Experiencing joy.  Feeling what it is to be human. To support. And to lean.…


10 Top Nonprofit Strategies to Get Through this Crisis

The times we’re in are extraordinary, and ‘business as usual’ isn’t.  Having strong coping skills today are truly important. As is being more thoughtful and strategic than usual, because you can’t rely on the ‘normal’ playbook.

I recently happened on a thoughtful article I want to share from the University of Colorado, Something for Everyone: 25 Tips to Get Through Your Day. I’ve selected what I believe are the Top Ten Tips for nonprofits.

Use these tips to help you make the most of this time into which we’ve been thrust. See if you find anything that speaks to you. Apply to both your personal and professional life to the extent you can. I’m quoting from the author in the highlighted segments, and following with a number of targeted fundraising and donor communication strategies you may want to consider.